Accommodations in Aguadulce, Costa de Almería

Although it seems hard to believe today, the small resort town of Aguadulce on Spain’s Costa de Almería in Andalusia had less than 30 houses in 1950. Since then, it has grown to a year-round population of about 15,000. But the most impressive transformation comes during the summer, when tourists in search of sun, sand and sea arrive and triple the town’s number of inhabitants.

Despite the growing influx of tourists, however, Aguadulce remains a town where you can get a taste of “authentic” Spain. People come here to enjoy the balance between easy access to all the creature comforts of a resort city, and the sleepy, relaxed vibe of a small coastal community. One of the drivers of tourism has been the many options for lodging and accommodations in Aguadulce. From full-service hotels to value hostels and even private vacation rentals, tourists have more choices than ever before when deciding where to stay in Aguadulce, Almería.

Hotels in Aguadulce: Classic resort experience

For a brief, relaxing vacation, nothing beats the classic hotel. Hotel accommodations in Aguadulce typically offer services like a pool, on-site bar and restaurant, and Wi-Fi. The town has four hotels in total, with many more options available in the nearby city of Roquetas de Mar. Great for couples and families who only want to spend a few nights in Aguadulce.

Aguadulce’s offering of hotel accommodations includes:

Playadulce Hotel: Travelers recommend this hotel for fun, family holidays on the beach.

But other options include:

Diverhotel Aguadulce: Set up on a cliff, this hotel is best known for its beautiful sea views.

Aparthotel Aguadulce: With apartment suites and rooms with kitchenettes, this hotel is a great value.

ALEGRIA Portomango: Buffet-style meals try to cater to a wide variety of tastes at this large resort hotel.

Hostels in Aguadulce: No-frills travel

Hostels have always been a favorite among young travelers, people traveling alone or tourists who want to enjoy a great vacation on a shoestring budget. There are four options for hostel accommodations in Aguadulce, with varying levels of service offered. Some are more like inns or B&Bs, with a restaurant on-site. Some even have their own pool, making them an excellent value for visitors who prefer to spend their money on unforgettable experiences rather than hotel accommodations.

Hostal Juan de Austria I: These practical accommodations at affordable prices exceed visitors’ expectations.

Inturjoven Aguadulce: Travelers appreciate nearly direct beachfront access from this hostel.

ATH Andarax Hotel: A great value hotel with buffet-style meals, pool and plenty of sunbeds.

Mirablau: Basic but comfortable accommodations at very low prices.

Vacation rentals in Aguadulce

Thanks to online platforms like Airbnb, the popularity of private vacation rentals has skyrocketed. Renting a house or apartment from a local in Aguadulce is ideal for visitors who plan on staying in the area for at least 5 days. This is because most people who are vacationing for a shorter period of time will not want to worry about things like preparing their own meals, doing laundry or cleaning.

For people who will be staying longer, though, a vacation rental in Aguadulce is an option that usually works out to be more cost-effective. Plus, there is the benefit of having the whole place to yourself—in many cases, even your own private or semi-private pool.

Vacation rentals in Aguadulce are also a great choice for your “home base” if you are planning on doing a tour of other nearby towns and cities, like Roquetas de Mar or Almería capital.

Choosing accommodations in Aguadulce

Which type of accommodations is right for you? It all depends on your travel style, whom you will be traveling with and what you hope to get out of your trip! Whether you want a relaxing weekend by a resort pool, a place to hit the hay after an exciting day at the nature reserve, or a month-long tour of Almería province, you’re bound to find something that fits your needs in Aguadulce.